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  • IV Drips
    We offer a wide variety of IV Drips filled with Vitamins, Antioxidants and Electrolytes. Check out our IV Menu to learn more. Standard size of IV Drips is 1000ml. IV Drips on sale are 500ml. You can get a 500ml saline add-on to your IV Drip for $50.
  • IV Add-Ons
    Would you like to customize your IV Drip? We offer a selection of add-ons, based on your needs. You can select 1 add-on per appointment. The add-on will be charged separately. After you pay for your appointment online, you will receive an additional invoice for the add-on to your mailbox. Please, make sure it is paid prior to your appointment. Our Add-Ons:
  • Locations
    At MediSpa IV Drip If you prefer to have your IV Drip at our MediSpa, you are more than welcome to come. Our address is: 45 Essex St., Suite 202, Millburn, NJ, 07041
  • Booking
    You can book our treatments via phone (973-382-5002) or our online booking system. Take advantage of booking your appointment anytime, anywhere
  • Payment
    At Home Appointments When booking your IV Appointment online, you will be requested to pay for your IV Drip as soon as your appointment is confirmed. At MediSpa Appointments When booking your At MediSpa Appointment by phone or through our website, you will be charged the full fare upon your arrival at the MediSpa.
  • Medical Pre-Screening & Consent
    All our clients are required to fill in the medical-prescreening and sign the consent form before the appointment. You will be prompted to fill it out during checkout. Your response does not disqualify you from getting an IV Drip, but might require additional medical clearance. Informed Consent must be given by the patient unless they are a minor or has a health care proxy. Patient must be awake, alert and oriented during the IV treatment. In case you do not manage to fill it in during checkout, you can do so afterwards, by visiting the Medical-Pre Screening page. ​
  • Cancelation / Re-scheduling
    Appointment cancelation or re-scheduling is only available up to 8 hours before the scheduled appointment time. You can cancel and re-schedule your appointment by phone. You will get a full refund for cancelled appointment. Please be advised that if you cancel your appointment 8 or less hours before the scheduled appointment time, you will be charged full price of the service. Meaning, the appointment cost will be non-refundable. Re-scheduling appointment 8 or less hours before the scheduled appointment time is not possible. If you do not show up to your appointment or you are late 15 minutes, you will be charged full price for the service.
  • Membership Plans
    We offer two types of Memberships for Medispa IV Services: Monthly Plan Our Monthly Plan is a subscription based service, where you will be charged $199 on a monthly basis. The plan automatically renews every month until cancelled. The plan includes 1 IV Drip of your choice at MediSpa or 1 Menon Facial of your choice with 1 Free Add-On. Do not forget to book all monthly appointments within the billing month. If you do not use up all the appointments within the month, they will not transfer to the next month. Package of 3 Package plan is a one-time-fee based plan, where you pay $597 once and it is valid for 6 months from purchase. The package includes 3 treatments, and you can choose from IV Drips at MediSpa or Menon Facials with 1 Free Add-On CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT OUR MEMBERSHIP PLANS
  • Membership Cancelation
    Monthly Plan automatically renews every month until cancelled. Cancelation notice is 30 days. You are not able to cancel your Membership Online. In order to cancel your Membership Plan, please contact us though our contact form or call 973-382-5002. Package of 3 plan is non-refundable and cannot be cancelled as it is not a recurring payment plan. You have 6 months to use up all 3 treatments included in the package.
  • Members Login
    To keep track of your Membership and appointments, we advise you to take advantage of our Member Portal. To book your appointment under Membership, click here.


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